Amina Baha

In my 15 years here, I've witnessed the city grow and change, yet our city council does not reflect those changes. As a dedicated community advocate, I strongly advocate for greater transparency and a more cohesive community spirit. The absence of a community center in a city of 70,000 exacerbates these challenges, impacting community involvement, resident-law enforcement relations, safety, and civic engagement.


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Meet Amina Baha


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Thank you for stopping by to learn about me and my journey.
Defying Stereotypes and Embracing the "American Dream"
As a first-generation immigrant from Afghanistan who grew up in Minneapolis' Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, I was determined to defy stereotypes and embody the "American Dream." With my father's support and the guidance of mentors, I excelled academically and professionally. From elementary school to earning an I.T degree from St. Mary's and landing my first corporate job to starting my non-profit, I had people who believed in me. This support helped me become a trailblazer as an Afghan in MN, especially as a woman of color in a male-dominated field.
Bringing Experience and Passion to Blaine
I am excited to bring my lived experience, skills, and passion to address the diverse needs of Blaine residents. I have a proven track record in leadership, community building, and strategic decision-making, particularly in starting and managing a non-profit organization. Working with new Americans, immigrants, and people of color has equipped me to remove barriers and enhance access to essential services. My expertise in crisis management, data analysis, project management, and stakeholder relations ensures I am well-prepared for a city council position. Representation matters, especially now that my children attend school here.
Committed to Community Growth
I have been a Blaine resident since 2009. My husband and I built our first house in Crescent Ponds in Ward 3, and our children now attend local schools. While our community has grown, the cohesive spirit and engagement have been lacking. I am committed to fostering a community-driven, future-focused environment. I have the experience and vision necessary to bring us together.
Your Support Matters
Your support will help bring about the positive, inclusive change our community needs.

Vision for Blaine

Inclusivity & Diversity

Ensure that Blaine's leadership reflects the diversity of its residents & everyone's voice is heard.

Community Engagement & Transparency

Foster a sense of community and increase transparency in local government.

Public Safety & Law Enforcement Relations

Strengthen the relationship between residents and local law enforcement to enhance community safety.

Economic Development & Small Business Support

Promote economic growth and support for small businesses in Blaine.

Why Vote for Me?

  • Community Connector

    Proven track record of effectively bridging government and community resources, showcasing my ability to deliver tangible improvements to people's lives.

  • •SET9-v2

    Innovative & Visionary

    As a visionary leader, I am not only forward-thinking but also capable of implementing creative ideas that will shape a better future for all.

  • Community Advocate

    Passionately adovocate for underrepresented groups, I champion their rights and needs effectively.

  • Community Leader

    Demonstrated strong leadership qualities, particularly in driving impactful change through community initiatives and advocacy efforts.

  • miscellaneous 175_expandline

    Diversity & Inclusion Champion

    Excel in engaging with communities, understanding their needs, and fostering collaboration to address them.

  • 05

    Small Business Owner

    Starting a nonprofit made me a small business owner but also equipped me with invaluable skills in entrepreneurship, leadership, and program management.

Blaine Resident Concerns


Hwy 65

Community Space/Spirit

Lack of Small Business Support

Sports Construction Boom

Pedestrian Safety

Voices of the Unheard


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